Emile Haddad Seattle Native Loves His African Coffee


Emile Haddad Seattle Coffee Enthusiast on African Coffee

Hey there! This is Emile Haddad, your Seattle coffee expert. Earlier today, while I was having my morning coffee, I realized that I had, in fact, been drinking Ethiopian coffee extensively, for almost two months now. As a serious coffee enthusiast, you’d think I’d keep tabs on where my coffee comes from, but I suppose this is what makes coffee such an extraordinary hobby: it’s so easy to get lost into.

So today I wish to put the spotlight on my morning cuppa, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia, however, is just one of several regions in Africa that produces some of the world’s best coffee beans. If you’ve never tried African coffee before, I urge you to try it! While the nuances of African coffee will vary from region to region, African coffee in general is known to have a vibrant, citrus-like taste with fruity notes in it.

Here are some of the flavor variations between the coffee-producing regions in Africa and how I find the flavor profile of each:

Ethiopia – Like my fragrant morning cuppa of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian coffee has fruity and citrus notes giving it a bright, clean taste. As you let the flavors settle, you may also notice a bit of sweetness. Light to medium bodied, Ethiopian coffee is widely available around Seattle’s local roasters because of its relatively cheaper price compared to other African coffees. Other coffee beans produced here are the Ethiopian Sidamo and Harrar.

Kenya – When you’re after richness and boldness, Kenya coffee comes to mind. Kenya coffee continues to astound coffee enthusiasts the world over because of its complex flavors like berries and lemongrass. For those mornings you need a quick pick-me-up, Kenya coffee should do the trick. This is probably why coffee shop chains like Starbucks prominently carry Kenya coffee. Aromatic, refined, and intense, Kenya coffee makes you wonder what else you’d want in your coffee because it hits all the right notes so well.

Zimbabwe – One of the more rare coffee brands here in Seattle is Zimbabwe coffee. With great aroma and taste, Zimbabwe coffee is fast catching up to its more popular brothers like Ethiopia and Kenya coffee. This coffee has fruity notes and high acidity that resemble wine just like Yemen coffee. While it may taste sharp at first, it eventually mellows out to a delicate and balanced flavor that has hints of wood and chocolate.

Other coffee-producing regions in Africa are Cameroon, Tanzania, and Uganda, to name a few. As you can see, Africa’s coffees alone can already keep you busy, which is why it’s easy to get lost in this hobby.

And with that, I leave you now to enjoy my cup. If you’re ever in Seattle, please feel free to look me up! I would be honored to introduce you to my favorite coffee hangouts, and share with you what I know about my most favorite beverage in the world; coffee, of course. I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned to read more from Emile Haddad, Seattle native and serious coffee enthusiast.



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