Emile Haddad Seattle Coffee Lover: French Press vs. Aeropress


Emile Haddad Seattle Coffee Drinker: Should You Get A French Press or an Aeropress?

Hey everyone, this is Emile Haddad. I am a Seattle native, which should explain my obsession for good coffee. Over the years, I have urged practically all my friends to ditch Folger’s and try brewing their own coffee. However, I don’t recommend that they make do with a regular coffee brewer. More often than not, I encourage them to go out and buy a French press or an Aeropress, as the coffee they produce tastes a hundred times better.

French Press

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly elitist talk you hear about coffee. In my experience, beginners do just fine with a French press. Usage of this contraption may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be your own barista in no time! Contrary to most people’s first impressions, French presses are easy to use and are even beginner-friendly. All you need is almost boiling water and ground coffee which you put inside the French press and let the coffee steep for 2 to 5 minutes before depressing the plunger. That’s it! You can now pour yourself a cup and take a sweet sip.

While a French press can significantly enhance your coffee experience, there are a few caveats. One, remember that the glass is fragile, hence, it could break in your dish rack, so be careful with cleaning and handling in general. Two, cleaning can take longer compared to your regular coffee brewer because as I’ve mentioned, the glass is fragile. I should mention as well that French presses can leave coffee sediments in your drink so if you’re not used to that, maybe an Aeropress would be a better choice for you.


Unlike French presses that have metal filters, Aeropresses make use of paper filters; hence you don’t need to worry about coffee sediments getting in to your drink. An Aeropress is also easier to clean as it’s self-cleaning, which means to say all you need to do is remove the coffee grounds and give it a good rinse. Some people swear by the superior flavor Aeropresses can extract from coffee beans in general. I attribute this to two things: one, the device has even heat distribution as it’s a full immersion brewing method; and two, these people who may notice the subtle difference in taste may likely have already found their favorite coffee beans to brew. It’s my belief that once you brew a certain coffee bean for a period of time, you’ll begin to taste the nuances as you play with the temperature and brewing time. It’s all good fun, which is why I’m confident you’ll love your Aeropress!

Right now, I use my Aeropress more than my French press, but that’s not to say getting a French press isn’t worth it. Both produce great coffee for so little effort that it’s almost ridiculous to me now how people can stand commercial coffee.

If you have any questions about your French press or Aeropress, please feel free to ask me, Emile Haddad, your Seattle native coffee lover.



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