Emile Haddad Seattle Coffee Authority Recommends the Best Roasters


Emile Haddad Seattle Coffee Expert: 5 Local Roasters to Try


Hey there! My name is Emile Haddad, your Seattle coffee expert, and I’m on a mission to promote the local craft coffee scene here in my hometown through this blog. One of the first things I tell people when they want to make a great cup of coffee is to start with the basics, and when it comes to making a great cuppa, it can’t get any simpler than starting with the coffee beans.

Make no mistake; trying out different coffee beans and their unique flavors can already keep you busy for practically the rest of your life! Since I live in Seattle—the undisputed coffee capital of the world—I often feel there is never enough mornings to try all the coffee beans available in the market. However, I also feel fortunate to be surrounded by dozens of artisanal coffee roasters from whom I get my coffee beans.

Right now, I only have excellent words for these local coffee roasters. I urge you to check them out and support local businesses:

1. Elm – Located in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square, Elm Coffee Roasters roast their coffee beans on-site so you can rest assured you’re getting quality beans every time. I initially signed up for their bi-monthly coffee subscriptions but have since been on the weekly one as I love the variety they have been offering their customers so far. Elm, two thumbs up!

2. Slate – Another favorite of local coffee aficionados is Slate Coffee Roasters. When I’m feeling lazy to bring out my Aeropress, I swing by at Slate for an espresso. I grab a seat outside and just watch the world go by. I should mention before signing up for Elm’s coffee subscription, I had signed up at Slate. Their coffee simply just tastes better in the hands of their skilled baristas!

3. Broadcast – Broadcast Coffee Roasters has three different locations in Seattle, which should tell you something about their expertise in coffee. Have I tried coffee subscription? No, not yet, but I do frequent their café on the weekends. Their stores have a nice and cozy ambience and their staff is always polite and courteous. Visit Broadcast’s café often enough and you bet their baristas will remember your go-to coffee.

4. Victrola – I imagine the young hipster crowd will enjoy Victrola’s a lot. Apart from delicious coffee, they also have live events like public cuppings. Public cuppings are events where you can learn about and taste samplings of different coffee beans. It’s a highly educational, entertaining, and engaging event I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss.

5. Caffe Ladro – Out of all the roasters on this list, Caffe Ladro has the most number of locations in Seattle. Having been in the business for more than two decades now, Ladro has become one of Seattle’s most prized coffee institutions, with its own cupping lab and training program! How neat is that? Ladro’s is a great place to catch up with friends over a cuppa.

Stay tuned to this blog to read more from Emile Haddad, your Seattle coffee expert.



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