3 Tips on Keeping Your Coffee Fresh


How to Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

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For any true-blue coffee aficionado, a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start the day. And if you’re like me, having coffee beans on hand—ready to be brewed at any time of the day—is a must. If there’s one thing that gets to me, it’s using stale coffee beans for a “fresh” brew. I would know right away if the beans are stale—you can detect the difference right away from the way the coffee tastes! Below are the things I do to keep my coffee fresh.

First off, I prefer storing coffee beans over coffee grounds. Freshly ground coffee is the only way to get that perfect flavor. Keep the beans in an airtight jar away from sunlight. My first tip is to get an airtight glass or ceramic jar (opaque, not clear) as it keeps the sunlight, air, and moisture away. Sunlight, air, and moisture can affect the beans’ freshness, so be mindful of this.

As for storing, a cool, dark place like the cupboard or pantry is the perfect hiding spot for your beans. Make sure though that the cupboard isn’t directly above the oven or stove as the heat from these cooking appliances can ruin the flavor of the beans.

Finally, coffee experts suggest that you use the beans within two weeks of being roasted. On this note, I avoid buying a lot of beans only to store them for six months. I understand that there might not be a coffee shop or roaster near you, but you can always try online shops. Have your beans delivered instead!

Remember that coffee beans start to lose their freshness after roasting so keeping these three things in mind could help you save their flavor and keep them fresh for your morning cup!

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