3 Things You Need to Become an Exceptional Barista

Training, Instinct and Experience: 3 Factors That Would Make for an Exceptional Barista

Since I love all things coffee, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the people behind our perfect cup of brew at our favorite coffee shop; the barista. Gone are the days when anyone can just walk into a coffee shop, hand in their resume and be hired to make coffee on the spot. Barista has become a respected profession—one that entails training and experience.

While it’s true that you can work at a coffee shop even without experience as a barista, but you’re most likely going to be assigned to the register or to work the tables. Coffee-making has become an art form—and the barista, an artist. With experience, you learn to develop your instincts. And instincts will tell you when an espresso shot is just right, or when a recipe has the right amount of ingredients to create the perfect cup.

In other words, your instincts will also tell you when you need more of a specific ingredient, if you need to add another ingredient, or need to adjust the temperature.

With proper training, you will learn how to grind coffee (it’s not as simple as pouring the beans into the grinder), create recipes for blends, measure coffee to water ratio, how to heat and texturize milk, and everything in between.

All these things combined; training, experience, and instincts will help you become a truly exceptional barista—perhaps even the best one in your area! And as with anything, it takes years of practice and constant learning; plus, loads of patience to get to where you want to be as a barista. Of course, it goes without saying that you should be a coffee lover too!

There are coffee shops that have training programs for their baristas, and there are also schools that offer certificate programs for baristas. If you’re serious about becoming a barista, there are options available to you!

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