Seattle Coffee News

To Emile Haddad, Seattle might have its charms, but the coffee isn’t necessarily one of them. Here are some fascinating links about one of Emile’s favorite topics!

Here’s all the news that’s fit to print about the wide world of west coast coffee!

Riposare in pace, Signore! This cultural icon was Italian coffee dynastic royalty; his father invented one of the most important products in coffee culture—the beautiful Moka Express. This little gem of coffee engineering revolutionized the Italian (and American) coffee drinking experience.

About time! I can only hope that this operation really knows its business, since well-roasted beans are in short supply around here. Nevertheless, the market is pretty saturated, so maybe [hopefully?] they’ll set themselves apart by producing a truly exceptional product. Fingers crossed!

This is a great series! Check the rest out if you can—particularly is you’re thinking of starting your own roastery, or if you (like me) are just fascinated by all things coffee. Honestly, I’ve thought about starting my whole operation. (But then I returned to planet earth!)

Amazing! I prefer a space that doesn’t try overly hard to impress with décor and overall coolness; just puts all its energy and resources into producing an exceptional product. This looks like a great spot.

Emile Haddad’s Seattle coffee expose series continues to chip away at the Seattle coffee culture myth. His work is almost done